Hildesheim’s 9th Street Music and Art Festival

2th to 3th September 2016

International and national
artists of street art enchant the audience
at eleven locations within the city.

Whether mimes, accordion humor,
rousing lyrics, funny clowns or
daring pirouettes, there is no limit
at the Pflasterzauber!


Herzlich Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome. Bienvenidos. Hosgeldiniz. Benvenuti. Üdvözöljük.

Every year, on the first weekend of September, the curtain is raised for the Pflasterzauber Festival in Hildesheim. Many German and international street artists and street musicians delight young and old, big and small with lovingly staged and imaginative, amusing and comical, spectacular and improvised performances of outstanding quality. Whether art or acrobatics, magic or juggling, theatre or music, fire shows or clowns, there is something for everyone on this first-class program!


The idea behind the “Pflasterzauber” (Magic on the Cobblestones) street festival is simple: “Pflasterzauber” lives from the many different performances given by German and international artists. The currently largest street art festival in Lower Saxony has already been drawing enthusiastic crowds amounting to several thousands on the first weekend of September since 2008. The two-day open-air event is inspiring with its loving, imaginative, funny and bizarre, spectacular and improvised performances at the highest level of art. Whether artistic or acrobatics, magic or juggling, theatre or music, fire shows or clowns, this high-class program has something for everyone!

The concept is to provide events free of charge for the enjoyment of the visitors. The only rule is: “If you like it, it’s as easy as that, toss some money into the hat.” The artists do not receive a fixed wage, that’s why they really appreciate any money that goes into the hat. And a good round of applause is also appreciated, of course!

There are a number of different venues in downtown Hildesheim, where artists from all over the world show what they can do. In the evening hours at the latest, when fire shows light up the night and the rhythmic music has everyone’s foot tapping, that’s when everyone has been captivated by the “Magic on the Cobblestones”. As in every year, the grand finale is on Saturday evening at the Sparda Open-Air Gala event on the market square with a review of the best of all performances.



Characters with international flair enrich every year the Pflasterzauber. Artists, clowns, music, dance and more – the participants of the Pflasterzauber are diverse, colorful and lively!

Here are the artist of the year 2015:

  • Anaelle Molinario


    It ‘s amazing what the Parisienne is doing with her body . It is hard to believe, but this woman is not made of rubber. She can twist every inch of her body, just have a look!


    Germany, Hildesheim

    ARS SALTANDI illuminates the market square with imagination and fire. Specially created LED – Walkact Costumes of nostalgia to avant-garde , coupled with a rapid fire game brighten the scenery in an exciting way.

  • Azuleo

    Spain / France / Germany / Palestine

    The five musicians from different musical scenes and countries offer a mix of flamenco, jazz, Arabic sounds and Spanish folklore.

  • Barada Street


    Richard an actor from the UK and Juri an acrobat from Kyrgyzstan, met on a journey with a cycling circus. Where they created their first ever number together, a classic tale of a half naked muscle man and a skinny hero that saves the day. Combining their skills and a love for Ukuleles they have created a unique and charming show.

  • BubblepunX

    Germany, Berlin


    Still a little bit more magic brings the Berlin duo BubblepunX in the Hildesheim city center . Colossal bubbles are flying over the rooftops , for young and old , to touch, to dream and just to look at.


  • Cia Delápraká


    A touching show that transports the audience into a new state of sensitivity. A journey Choreographed in unison which connects the delicate articulation of the body and strong emotion in a poetic way. Organic and synchronized movements creating an authentic dreamlike atmosphere.


  • Cia. Frutillas con Crema


    It is a game about laughing and being loved – “Petit” is a wonderful show! The all-rounder will use his skills as a performance artist , educator and Clown Artist . At the end there are indeed no free strawberries with whipped cream , but a wide beams and hugs.

  • Cobario


    Cobario presents new songs from past trips . The Vienna Trio combines Spanish , Irish , Oriental and Slavic influences with classical elements and weaves them into a dreamy light Melange .

  • Der schwarze Hahn

    Germany (Hildesheim)

    “Der schwarze Hahn” is playing ska, folk and polka, grabs poetry on beats and blowers. With ironic lyrics, tuba and timpani the good mood ist guaranteed.

  • Dizzy Birds


    The Dizzy Birds are well-known in Berlin. The repertoire of the musicians from France, Spain, Denmark and Germany is based on the New Orleans music from the 1920s.

  • Duoh! Lala!


    The comedy duo Anaelle Molinario and Trinidad Albonico show juggling and gymnastic exercises, this can no one imitate as easy. The two artistes build images with their own bodies.


  • E1nz


    E1nz was founded to bring speed and ease , dance and acrobatics , tricks and theater in harmony. Without words , but full of musical and acrobatic elegance …

  • El Kote


    Now it is getting dangerous: El Kote is juggling on his unicycle with knives and love to work together with the audience. Each show is done so only once , every place is annexed by the infectious bundle of energy on other ways and expanded in all directions.


  • Els ReciclOperats

    Pieces, objects, stuff that we gather in our workshop (and in our mind!) and as a result we built interactive games that want to awake your curiosity.

  • Faela

    An explosive mix inspired by their home countries from Argentina, Bosnia, Chile and Sweden are created by the musicians – a very unique sound.

  • Heinz baut


    Julian Bellini builds a tower of 47 Esch rods in the sky and swings himself so high up , more and more , bar to bar.

  • Joli Vyann

    Great Britain

    Joli Vyann combines dance, theatre and acrobatics in an innovative manner . In her piece ” Hand to Hand ” ( H2H ) the four performers show the fragility of human relationships. The group of artists impress with surprising and imaginative artistic tricks , heartwarming characters and beautiful dance .



  • Jonas

    Germany, Hildesheim

    Magician Jonas from Hildesheim juggles with and for children and adults . In a charming way the audience is made to wonder and laughter.


  • Kollektiv Lacht

    Germany (Leipzig)

    Three clowns and a pianist – that promises a lot of fun. A parody of everyday life , sometimes with wit and refined character play, sometimes with wordless poetry.


  • La Sbrindola


    Two crazy Italians bring this summer chaos and exuberance to Hildesheim : La Sprindola is a combination of extroverted , bizarre juggling, clowning and finest circus artistry , accompanied by the frantic rhythm of a drum.


  • Liv & Tobi

    Germany (Bodnegg)

    The Trapezduo explores with playful ease the space , while it seems as if the force of gravity repealed . With absolute body control Liv and Tobi swing through the air and share with the audience an intimate play about fear and the joy of overcoming them.


  • Magma Firetheater


    Linda Farkas , one of the most recognized fire dancers in the world , presents her self-created fire costumes. In her show she combines fire , elegance and extravagance.

  • Ronaldo Breve


    The musician from Rio de Janeiro mixed freely and unmistakably samba, jazz, reggae, rock and pop elements . From chilled sounds , autobiographical songs embossed up to party performances of Samba rock songs.


  • Sebastián Godoy


    The clown Sébastian Godoy will dance to classical music in his piece ” Yoyo ” water . It is an adventure about ourselves , the inner child and the composer who is in us.


  • Senmaru


    Senmaru has perfected the traditional Japanese juggling ” Edo Daikagura “. In the originally performance different objects are rotated around a screen and poised . Senmaru extends this art to tea sets and ball constructions which he balances on threads or various body parts . An incredible number!


  • Serious Clowns

    Russia/Great Britain

    “The Lost Wheels of Time” is a clown show for all ages. Inspired by Lewis Carroll ‘s ” Alice in Wonderland ” this piece asks with an unusual mix of humor and surrealism , the extent to which may be played with time. The story about the friendship of two eccentric characters is not only funny, but also a philosophical reflection on juxtapositions as man and nature, age and youth, compassion and selfishness .

  • Tanztee


    Finally dance again! With a great Grammophon – come in, swing your leg, turn the world and enjoy yourself!


  • Teatro Só

    Germany, Berlin

    An old man is sitting on an oversized banking and feeding pigeons. He falls down and gets up again . It is a poetic play about loneliness and age, about the oblivion in a time when everyone is busy and the tasks and achievements of the ancients which have passed.

  • Theater Anderland

    Germany, Hildesheim/Braunschweig


    A dresser with 18 small openings through which little stories can be seen. The images that we see , tell a story , designed delicately and lovingly.

  • Trini-Ty


    The piece ” Trifasica ” abducted an everyday and yet unexpected journey. Trini-Ty describes in her multicultural piece the three phases of life of a woman . The Chilean utilizes different circus elements to make our world upside down without words .

  • Walkact

    Germany, Hildesheim

    A gigantic elephant walks slowly through the streets of Hildesheim and brings a little more desire to travel in the summer holidays. The five people who are stuck in him, bring him to life. Stroking allowed!


? / ?



    Information for the programme 2016 will follow in summer!


    Information for the programme 2016 will follow in summer!



Last year’s Pflasterzauber Street-Art Festival held its audience spellbound time and again. Did you take any good photos?

Then please feel free to send us your best pictures at citymanagement(at)

  • Serious Clowns
  • Joli Vyann
  • Serious Clowns
  • BubblepunX
  • Teatro Só
  • ARS Saltandi



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At this point, we would like to express our special thanks to all those artists, visitors, volunteers and sponsors who have contributed to the success of the festival in the past. In the future, we hope that we will be able to count on all this valuable support again so that the Pflasterzauber Festival will continue to take place in the years to come.


Dear artists! We want to establish the tradition of street art festivals in Europe even in our little city in the heart of northern Germany! The Pflasterzauber Festival unites diverse genres and professionalism levels of street art. For this reason we ask professionals at world level as well as absolute beginners to apply. We look forward to your applications!

Who can participate in Pflasterzauber?

All musicians, artists, clowns, jugglers, comedians, magicians, mimes, living statues, etc. who would like to display their art in the streets are welcome to apply. There will be no Off Festival. Only those artists who have registered and have been invited by us to participate will be allowed to perform.

Who will not be invited to perform at Pflasterzauber?

Unfortunately, the festival is not the right place for traditional bands with full drums and big amps or for stage performances that require complicated technology. All artists who would like to present an “unplugged” version of their music and want to be part of the street show adventure are welcome!

How do I apply?
  1. First, please check our conditions of participation.
  2. There is no longer an application form. Please send your promotional material (information material, photos, videos, etc.) via email to: We prefer short e-mails with clear subject lines (name of artist or ensemble) and direct links (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo).
  3. It is still possible to submit application to Pflasterzauber until the end of february.
  4. Wait for our answer (by the beginning of June at the latest).
  5. In July, we will send you a written confirmation with all the important information.
  6. Please be sure to arrive on 2th September 2016 by 12 noon at the very latest and report to the Festival Office.
  7. We look forward to experiencing your exciting performances.
What type of venues are there?

There are about 10 to 12 marked venues throughout the pedestrian precinct. The artists will normally perform 2 to 5 sets a day (30 to 60 minutes each). For shows that take longer, this will be taken into account and the schedule will be adapted accordingly. The artists move to a new venue after each set, which means you should be fairly mobile. Help will be available if you need it. Artists who are not mobile will have to make special arrangements with Pflasterzauber. Musicians and music groups play acoustically or with light amplification at a maximum of 30 watts at the most. You will not be allowed to use large amplifiers or PA systems. Many of the venues are equipped with a 220-volt power supply. All the venues are also equipped with simple lighting for the evenings. The city of Hildesheim assumes no liability for bodily injuries or property damage associated with the activities of the Pflasterzauber Festival.

What happens in bad weather?

In the case of very bad weather, there is a bad-weather alternative. Depending on how the Festival Management decides, the performances will be held at such different locations as in tents, pavilions, shopping centres, pubs, etc.

Where can the equipment be stored?

The Festival Office, including a storage space for equipment, will be located close to the festival within easy walking distance. The address will be sent with the information material.

What are the opening times for the festival?

Friday, 2th September 2016 10 am – 10:30 pm

Saturday, 3th September 2016 8 am – 11 pm

Is there a program booklet?

There will be a printed program booklet in which all the artists will be presented with a brief description and a photo. We will also draw up an appearance schedule, taking into account the artists’ requests, with fixed performance times.

Travel expenses

Pflasterzauber Hildesheim usually pays for travel expenses from the starting point before the festival to the destination after the festival within the scope of an amount stipulated before the festival. Travel costs from very distant locations will not be assumed by Pflasterzauber Hildesheim (perhaps in part if divided among several different festivals). The agreed sum will be paid out in EUR on the Saturday of the festival.


Pflasterzauber Hildesheim will provide accommodation for Friday and Saturday night. If previously agreed with Pflasterzauber Hildesheim, additional nights can be booked up to two weeks before the festival. As a rule, these costs are to be paid by the artist. Accommodation will only be provided for performing members of the group (no managers, no friends, no family). We will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation.

Passing the hat

The audiences in Hildesheim are willing to pay good money for good performances. If the artist(s) performing are not able to mention that there is a hat for donations, we will try to provide a volunteer to help. All artists are allowed to sell their CDs before, during and after their performances. All the money collected in the hat goes directly to the respective artist(s).

Food and beverages

On Friday and Saturday evening, Pflasterzauber Hildesheim will offer the artists a good hot meal, vegetarian, vegan or with meat. There will also be a hearty brunch available on Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. If previously agreed with Pflasterzauber Hildesheim, people accompanying the artists can also enjoy the meals for a small fee (please let us know a week before the start of the festival). Non-alcoholic drinks will be available to the artists for free during the entire festival. On Friday and Saturday, the Festival Office will remain open for 2 hours after the end of the program. On Friday and Saturday evening, there will be a location available for a get-together and an end-of-festival party will be held on Saturday night.


The Pflasterzauber  Festival was in the recent years always a success. So the press has diligently reported. The press releases of recent years can be found in the press archive.


press reviews

Local press 2015

Leine-Deister Zeitung, 7th September 2015:
“Wem es gut gefällt, wirft in den Hut sein Geld.”
Press release

Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 5th September 2015:
“Es ist angerichtet: Pflasterzauber.”
Press release

Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 5th September 2015:
“Auf diesen Zauber lässt sich bauen.”
Press release

Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 5th September 2015:
“Zauber mit feurigem Finale.”
Press release

Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung,4th September 2015:
“Muskeln, Musik und magische Momente.”
Press release

Kehrwieder, 30th August 2015:
“Heißes Pflaster”
Press release

Citytoday Hildesheim, 27th August 2015:
“Es wird wieder magisch: Pflasterzauber in der Innenstadt Hildesheim.”
Press release

Quando Ausgabe Juli bis September:
“Citybeach, Wallungen und Pflasterzauber.”
Press release

Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 28th August 2015:
“Die Straßenkünstler übernehmen wieder die Regie.”
Press release