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On the 28th and 29th of August 2020, the curtain is raised for the Pflasterzauber Festival in Hildesheim. Many German and international street artists and street musicians delight young and old, big and small with lovingly staged and imaginative, amusing and comical, spectacular and improvised performances of outstanding quality. Whether art or acrobatics, magic or juggling, theatre or music, fire shows or clowns, there is something for everyone on this first-class program!


The idea behind the “Pflasterzauber” (Magic on the Cobblestones) street festival is simple: “Pflasterzauber” lives from the many different performances given by German and international artists. The currently largest street art festival in Lower Saxony has already been drawing enthusiastic crowds amounting to several thousands on the first weekend of September since 2008. The two-day open-air event is inspiring with its loving, imaginative, funny and bizarre, spectacular and improvised performances at the highest level of art. Whether artistic or acrobatics, magic or juggling, theatre or music, fire shows or clowns, this high-class program has something for everyone!

The concept is to provide events free of charge for the enjoyment of the visitors. The only rule is: “If you like it, it’s as easy as that, toss some money into the hat.” The artists do not receive a fixed wage, that’s why they really appreciate any money that goes into the hat. And a good round of applause is also appreciated, of course!

There are a number of different venues in downtown Hildesheim, where artists from all over the world show what they can do. In the evening hours at the latest, when fire shows light up the night and the rhythmic music has everyone’s foot tapping, that’s when everyone has been captivated by the “Magic on the Cobblestones”. As in every year, the grand finale is on Saturday evening at the Sparda Open-Air Gala event on the market square with a review of the best of all performances.



Characters with international flair enrich every year the Pflasterzauber. Artists, clowns, music, dance and more – the participants of the Pflasterzauber are diverse, colorful and lively!

Here are the artists of the year 2019:

  • Duo Koas

    Duo Kaos


    Giulia Arcangeli and Luis Paredes as Duo Kaos reinvent cycling with ease and elegance. They tell a story about the fact that creation and destruction are ultimately the same process and everybody tries to transform chaos into harmony – with the aim of leaving everything behind. And that comes with some romance too.


  • Circo Eguap


    Risky acrobatics and absurd situations entertain the audience: The well-behaved but fearless circus artist Minimi lets herself be seduced by the strong and charismatic Roquecyle to join daring “feats” on his unicycle. While doing so they have to go through thick and thin. Great fun with a lot of irony.


  • ARS SALTANDI Company


    NOW – with dance, acrobatics and acting to the sound of cello music, the 9 artists of ARS SALTANDI present a performance about courage. It is about stepping out of one’s “gaps” and constraints, about daring the first step – towards each other, away from each other or as a dive into the unknown. By using large blocks, they constantly create new images and action spaces for their dance acrobatic movement-poetry.


  • Cia La Tal


    Cia La Tal presents comedic and absurd street theatre. A theatre director and his assistants want to build on great show successes with The Incredible Box, but to achieve this they have to struggle with a few adversities. Extravagant, absurd and very funny!


  • Bobby Garden


    BREAKDOWN COMPILATION is the name of Bobby Garden’s show. Where the dumb is leading, the smart is following. The audience is brought together through what they have in common: their capacity to laugh and to fail. A mix of smooth acrobatics and unexpected comedy – on a slack rope.


  • Maxmaber Orkestar


    The band Maxmaber Orkestar comes from Trieste, where Eastern Europe meets the Mediterranean. Because of that their music is very exciting. Vocals, accordion, saxophone, violin, guitar and drums either sound Italian-melancholic or present klezmer and gypsy music as well as Balkan dances. Happiness meets melancholy.




    Claudio Mutazzi plays with the audience – in a very sympathetic way. He is an acrobat and clown with fascinating facial expressions and a great talent for interactive performances. Attention: The audience will never get off scot-free. High fun factor with skillful improvisation.




    The Trio Cobario started with street music in Barcelona in 2016 and they have been inviting spectators to close their eyes and go on a journey together ever since. Their music is characterized by Irish, Spanish and Oriental as well as Slavic influences and creates – paired with classical elements – something of its own. Finally back at the Pflasterzauber!


  • Compania eLe


    Marta Lorente and Raquel Batet from Compania eLe play magically and at highest level theatre with marionettes. The story is about an elderly man who has been living in fixed routines for years. He meets Enzo, a street boy who cares little about rules and who changes his view of things and life. A story of the street performed on the street.


  • Duo arco-iris


    The young juggling duo from Würzburg – Sonja Hohlfeld and Fabian Feitsch – tells stories that lead out of everyday life: Into a world of dancing balls, flying rods and where gravity has no effect. The journey can take you into fairytale worlds with evil magicians, good fairies and many magical objects.


  • Torpeza Ritmika


    Torpeza Ritmika has worked out her acrobatic skills on the Cyr Wheel as well as the comical moment as a clown totally by herself. She presents a mixture of artistry and humour with crazy comedy and expressive power. Her body language, facial expressions and elegance impress the audience.


  • Eric Tarantola


    Eric Tarantola surprises his audience with extraordinary instruments: A drumset of casseroles, an alarm clock thumb piano or “Guitanjo”, a mixture of guitar and banjo. In combination with a loop machine he ranges in a genre between circus music and contemporary sounds. His music is not only good to listen to, but also encourages to dance.


  • Eléctrico 28


    Eléctrico 28 is an Austrian-Catalan theatre collective that deals with interpersonal communication in densely populated, urban living spaces. In the modern fable FULL HOUSE, Miss Koala, Mr Dog and Mrs Horse get a new neighbour – Mr Tiger. Everyday problems are solved together and communality will gain a new meaning. The performance is supported by Land Steiermark.


  • La Serenissima Filage


    The theater group La Serenissima Filage presents in their show Paidia a mixture of circus techniques, juggling experiments and bicycle acrobatics, which – combined with live music elements – turns into a humorous and expressive performance. The aim is to enjoy the moment playfully and to get rid of the search for meaning. A nonsense show with a slightly bitter aftertaste.


  • Etienne Favre


    This time the playing equipment on the Andreasplatz is all about sound. Etienne Favre’s interactive sound play devices invite you to explore and play, listen, marvel and laugh. From giant sound wheels and boot flutes to an elephant piano, sound labyrinth and a musical staircase, it’s all there. Come along and try it out!


  • Flame Flowers


    The Flame Flowers fire show is a combination of modern juggling with fire and contemporary contact juggling with props. By that, they create harmonious fire dance duets to classical music with a lyrical touch. Nostalgia meets contemporary elements. Not a typical street performance, but that’s what makes it so special.


  • Latin Duo


    Nora, a clown and crazy musician ­– born in a bubble – gets her partner Cholo repeatedly into trouble. El Cholo is an excellent juggler. Nora is fascinated by his skills and wants to win him over. After numerous unsuccessful attempts she reaches for the extreme – the saxophone. A wild concert, a unique show.



  • Hörspielerei


    Lisa Haase and Mike Dietrich from the Hörspielerei Manufaktur in Hildesheim tell the musical story of the journey of “Siggi Dotter – Die Meise auf Reisen” (16 o’clock) and “Rosa Flamingo” (18 o’clock). Also present: a piano and a lot of vocal acrobatics.


  • Nanirossi


    Special mission: Two agents – code-named Chesterfield and Wellington – were hired to move a dangerous criminal from one prison to another. The vehicle they use may not be in the best condition and they may not be the very best special agents. What happens exceeds all expectations.


  • Mattatoio Sospeso


    LES AMANTS DU CIEL – the lovers of the sky – is the name of the performance by Mattatoio Sospeso. Marco Mannucci and Alessandra Lanciotti, acrobats of Cirque Suspendu, play a tragic-romantic story high above the heads of the audience. A musically underlined, ballet-like top performance, which is a lot of fun.


  • Señor Mostacho


    EQUILIBRIUM is the name of an entertaining show full of hair-raising stunts, daring balancing acts, rotating balls as well as knife and fire juggling. The audience goes on an interactive journey through the magical world of the circus, where everything can happen. The grand finale: jump rope with a unicycle. This show will be remembered.


  • Sisus Sirkus


    Girl power: Sisus is a circus company from Finland that was founded in 2014 by five women. With MOSH SPLIT they show a humorous, fun and energetic show with jump rope dance, couple acrobatics and high-trapeze. It’s about friendship, joy and limitless creativity. Only once a day – in the evening – on the Platz An der Lilie.




    The Hildesheim dance center SALTAZIO shows excerpts of their production WHAT A CIRCUS in a street performance at the Pflasterzauber, a shrill social turmoil. It questions whether the world has become a big circus show. It’s a fast-paced spectacle that transcends style and inspires reflection.


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    We see you in august 2020!
    We see you in august 2020!



The last Pflasterzauber Street-Art Festival held its audience spellbound time and again. Did you take any good photos?

Then please feel free to send us your best pictures at citymanagement(at)hildesheim-marketing.de.

  • Mattatoio Sospeso | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Duo Kaos | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Saltazio | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Eléctrico 28 | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Ars Saltandi | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Nanirossi | Foto: Julia Moras
  • Compania eLe | Foto: Julia Moras
  • Latin Duo | Foto: Werner Kaiser
  • Cia La Tal | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Circo Eguap | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Duo Arcoiris | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Eléctrico 28 | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Flame Flowers | Foto: Lars Griebner
  • Torpeza Ritmika | Foto: Werner Kaiser



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At this point, we would like to express our special thanks to all those artists, visitors, volunteers and sponsors who have contributed to the success of the festival in the past. In the future, we hope that we will be able to count on all this valuable support again so that the Pflasterzauber Festival will continue to take place in the years to come.


Dear artists! We want to establish the tradition of street art festivals in Europe even in our little city in the heart of northern Germany! The Pflasterzauber Festival unites diverse genres and professionalism levels of street art. For this reason we ask professionals at world level as well as absolute beginners to apply. We look forward to your applications!

Who can participate in Pflasterzauber?

All musicians, artists, clowns, jugglers, comedians, magicians, mimes, living statues, etc. who would like to display their art in the streets are welcome to apply. There will be no Off Festival. Only those artists who have registered and have been invited by us to participate will be allowed to perform.

Who will not be invited to perform at Pflasterzauber?

Unfortunately, the festival is not the right place for traditional bands with full drums and big amps or for stage performances that require complicated technology. All artists who would like to present an “unplugged” version of their music and want to be part of the street show adventure are welcome!

How do I apply?
  1. First, please check our conditions of participation.
  2. There is no longer an application form. Please send your promotional material (information material, photos, videos, etc.) via email to: office@pflasterzauber.com. We prefer short e-mails with clear subject lines (name of artist or ensemble) and direct links (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo).
  3. It is still possible to submit application to Pflasterzauber until the end of february.
  4. Wait for our answer (by the beginning of June at the latest).
  5. In July, we will send you a written confirmation with all the important information.
  6. Please be sure to arrive on 28th August 2020 by 12 noon at the very latest and report to the Festival Office.
  7. We look forward to experiencing your exciting performances.
What type of venues are there?

There are about 14 marked venues throughout the pedestrian precinct. The artists will normally perform 2 to 5 sets a day (30 to 60 minutes each). For shows that take longer, this will be taken into account and the schedule will be adapted accordingly. The artists move to a new venue after each set, which means you should be fairly mobile. Help will be available if you need it. Artists who are not mobile will have to make special arrangements with Pflasterzauber. Musicians and music groups play acoustically or with light amplification at a maximum of 30 watts at the most. You will not be allowed to use large amplifiers or PA systems. Many of the venues are equipped with a 220-volt power supply. All the venues are also equipped with simple lighting for the evenings. The city of Hildesheim assumes no liability for bodily injuries or property damage associated with the activities of the Pflasterzauber Festival.

What happens in bad weather?

In the case of very bad weather, there is a bad-weather alternative. Depending on how the Festival Management decides, the performances will be held at such different locations as in tents, pavilions, shopping centres, pubs, etc.

Where can the equipment be stored?

The Festival Office, including a storage space for equipment, will be located close to the festival within easy walking distance. The address will be sent with the information material.

What are the opening times for the festival?

Friday, 28th August 2020 4 – 10:30 pm

Saturday, 29th August 2020 4 – 10:30 pm

Is there a program booklet?

There will be a printed program booklet in which all the artists will be presented with a brief description and a photo. We will also draw up an appearance schedule, taking into account the artists’ requests, with fixed performance times.

Travel expenses

Pflasterzauber Hildesheim usually pays for travel expenses from the starting point before the festival to the destination after the festival within the scope of an amount stipulated before the festival. Travel costs from very distant locations will not be assumed by Pflasterzauber Hildesheim (perhaps in part if divided among several different festivals). The agreed sum will be paid out in EUR on the Saturday of the festival.


Pflasterzauber Hildesheim will provide accommodation for Friday and Saturday night. If previously agreed with Pflasterzauber Hildesheim, additional nights can be booked up to two weeks before the festival. As a rule, these costs are to be paid by the artist. Accommodation will only be provided for performing members of the group (no managers, no friends, no family). We will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation.

Passing the hat

The audiences in Hildesheim are willing to pay good money for good performances. If the artist(s) performing are not able to mention that there is a hat for donations, we will try to provide a volunteer to help. All artists are allowed to sell their CDs before, during and after their performances. All the money collected in the hat goes directly to the respective artist(s).

Food and beverages

On Friday and Saturday evening, Pflasterzauber Hildesheim will offer the artists a good hot meal, vegetarian, vegan or with meat. There will also be a hearty brunch available on Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. If previously agreed with Pflasterzauber Hildesheim, people accompanying the artists can also enjoy the meals for a small fee (please let us know a week before the start of the festival). Non-alcoholic drinks will be available to the artists for free during the entire festival. On Friday and Saturday, the Festival Office will remain open for 2 hours after the end of the program. On Friday and Saturday evening, there will be a location available for a get-together and an end-of-festival party will be held on Saturday night.