Previous Years

  • Miss Walker & Silent Rocco


    “The Greatest Thing” – a visual concert by and with singer-songwriter Miss Walker and the pantomime Silent Rocco. The scenery transforms into a gateway to another world. A silent vagabond meets a lifeless neon fairy. The contents of her golden leather bag become the key to a common history and with the help of enchanting music a touching fairy tale unfolds.

  • Cia Delá Praká


    “Maiador” combines dance, theatre and acrobatics with traditional samba rhythms and is telling stories of Brazilian culture. Cia Delá Praká invite the audience to experience a relaxed atmosphere in which everything shakes but nothing falls apart.

  • Fenfire


    With their flaming passion, the Fenfire artists offer a fire show in a class of its own. They combine their juggling technique with exceptionally large requisites and detailed choreographies. A unique object performance that creates powerful and remarkable images made of fire and flames.

  • Revoluclown


    A group of clowns turns a revolution into an epic, enthusiastic and fun adventure. With unbelievable joy of playing they show absurd theatre and tempt the audience to want to take part. Revoluclown conveys that every form of change is in our hands.

  • Theater Altrego


    Gesture-rich, expressive, sensitive and irresistibly emotional, Viktor Kucera and Dirk Volkmann from Hildesheim let self-built wooden dolls slip into the roles of two castaways on a lonely island: The beginning of a little story about a beautiful man who is not so beautiful and a beast who is not so beastly at all.

  • Tovte


    The Klezmer band “Tovte” plays Yiddish songs, dance music and tango classics with heart and soul. With refined arrangements and energetic rhythms, the four musicians from Cologne let their audience listen attentively and make them dance exuberantly.

  • MAN || CO


    MAN || CO give power a shape. They captivate the audience with an expressive dance performance about the ego – somewhere between demigod and fallen victor. The Dutch collective, consisting of five women, shows a theatrical dance production with fast and unpredictable movements.

  • Kompanie CircO


    Kompanie CircO from Hanover fascinates with various forms of movement and performance art, which merge and create something new. In connection with acting, dance and music, artistry becomes a means of expression. The central stage element is a huge tetrahedron of traverses.

  • manoAmano


    On a six meter high Chinese mast the soloist shows how acrobatics takes on a new shape. It detaches from the ground and rises into the air, which many dream of. The acrobat does not fly, he will never be able to, but he will always keep trying – as he did with his partner on the marketplace in 2013.

  • Murmuyo


    Once again Murmuyo, the clown with the black nose and the red suit, will reflect the everyday life and the different qualities of the people he encounters with play and provocation. Attention: Observers will never get off scot-free. The crowd’s favorite from last year!

  • 1to3


    The trio 1to3 is a group consisting of a flying Dutchwoman, a rock solid Belgian and a well-balanced German, who want to convey a new perspective to the audience in a playful way. The possibilities and obstacles in life are exciting and risky at the same time. Every decision an individual makes influences the group and the will of others.

  • TheatreFragile


    Three people from different generations meet at a bus stop. One could call them “past”, “present” and “future”. They have a common problem: There is no bus. “AHOI!” is a fascinating play with masks and a poetic narrative that gently stages the comedy of the individual characters.

  • La Tivioncha


    Two beings dance against a wall, meet each other or simply themselves. They’re looking for change. La Tivioncha has its roots in movement theatre and confrontation with the public. “Alabaré, Alabaré” are the words that resonate in Spain’s churches. “To the wall, we praise” is their version.

  • Gambeinspalla


    Gambeinspalla is a bubble theatre from Italy that makes the real world fade. Confused between dream and reality, romance and humour, the viewer is taken on a flight on which many things dissolve into smoke, but the fantasy remains.

  • Fred Teppe


    Burlesque juggling that reminds of the legendary Jacques Tati. Fred Teppe creates an unusual and poetic universe in which he manipulates everyday objects and playfully relieves them of their ordinary function. This tender and naive character does his best to make a good impression in this universe of things.

  • Malte Strunk


    Mr. Strunk manages to breathe life into his diabolos and let them jump and fly so fast that the viewer can hardly follow the rapid movements. In this way he combines almost perfect acrobatics with comedy in the theatre: entertaining, agile and always amazing.

  • Duo Masawa


    In their program “Involution”, the two acrobats show how our dependence on technical means of communication makes us forget the most primitive feature of man: direct physical contact with the magic contained in every encounter. Conveyed through body language, acrobatics, dance, juggling and fire.


  • Playing equipment Guixot de 8


    Guixot de 8 is the first Catalan company to manufacture play equipment and revolutionize street art. The special feature of these machines is that they are made of scrap material and scrap metal. Sculptures by Pablo Picasso and Salvadore Dali served as models. In the 26 years of the company’s existence, some 6,500 sculptures have been exhibited in almost 40 countries on all five continents – the playground equipment has also already been visiting Hildesheim.

  • Mr. Banana


    Pierrick St-Pierre calls himself Mr. Banana and combines comedy and artistry. He has juggled props as well as the emotions of his audience in more than 40 countries. He approaches the subject of the gods and superheroes and our relationship to them. Funny and provocative – Who will save the audience?

  • MiraMundo


    Luiz Murá left Brazil and on his journey he met the violinist Agostino Aragno, the double bass player Ernesto Vargas and many other musicians from all over the world. They all unconsciously play the same song, with a new sound and flavour. Italian singers, Mexican mariachi and Irish fiddles: Through music MiraMundo connects cultures that could not be more different. They come to Hildesheim as a quintet and make the audience dance.

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