Previous Years

  • Bängditos Theater


    When two French tourists lose their car in the winding streets of the city and engage with their charming enthusiasm all the spectators in her delicate Malheur, no one will suspect that they could ever find their way back to Paris. A magnificent spectacle!

  • Brunitus


    A man and his diabolo. Brunitus uses this unusual game machine to make it to a part of his body, his life story and adventure companions. He lets the Diabolo dancing through the air and shows the most daring tricks.

  • BubblepunX

    Germany, Berlin


    Still a little bit more magic brings the Berlin duo BubblepunX in the Hildesheim city center . Colossal bubbles are flying over the rooftops , for young and old , to touch, to dream and just to look at.


  • Cadute Dalle Nuvole


    There are two people who have known each other for many years and who still are in love. But what happens when love turns into routine? This question will be answered by the two artistes while a performance in the air.

  • Careless Cats


    New Orleans, early 20th century: Real Jazz was from the outset known as dance music. The six-member band plays swing, the most popular style of jazz history.

  • Company Antipodes


    A man and a woman. He’s back from a distant region and she is waiting for the train departure on an imaginary platform. Both have their own melody in their head. And when this dance ends, it is difficult for the audience even not to dance in the streets.

  • Des Fourmis Dans La Lanterne


    In a time where the World Wide Web ruled, the small theatre is honoring Georges Méliès, Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin. The piece is full of small but fine detail that makes the world of puppets seem so unique.

  • Evelyn Kryger


    Whether Tango, ChaCha, hypnotic techno or hip hop grooves, while listening to Evelyn Kryger someone easily gets dizzy. Despite purely instrumental performance music can neither singer nor singer miss!

  • Fra Martó


    “Wash away your worries!” The laundry of a young woman hangs on the leash. Street show, juggling and clowning mixed with the lovely charm of the artist.

  • Fraser Hooper

    New Zealand

    “Let’s get ready to rumble” one wants to cry when the new show of Fraser Hooper starts. “Boxing starring Fraser Hooper” – a must for all well-toned comedy fans! Juggling, pantomime and an unbeatable mimic belong in the repertoire. This creates an atmosphere like on a real boxing ring and the audience can quickly become a challenger.

  • Galirò


    “Poom Cha” is sounded through the city … There has never been such an interactive one-man band before. Sometimes it seems impossible, but there really is only one man who served all the different instruments. The right amount of the best classics from 100 years of music history, the odd magic trick and this contagious energy.

  • La Bella Tour


    “La bella Tour” is a parody: Two clowns who mourn the good old days behind, because at that time everything was finally better. Or not? The two clowns try to find their own way in the new modern world.

  • Maren Eisler


    Her home is the streets, squares and theaters in Europe, where she fascinates the audience. Her specialty is a sparkling blend of torch-juggling, swinging, burning ropes, fire eating and –spitting. She shows a fairy tale of fire.

  • The Brothers Swag

    New Zealand

    Let’s Circus! The artist present with the well-known hula hoop great actions. With up to 30 tires they show tricky stunts and crazy figures … a lot of fun.


  • The Carny Villains

    United Kingdom

    The Carny Villains are a wild Showband. The six-member ensemble from Bristol shows a sensational musical and wild performance including clowning and acrobatics. Punk rock, ska, Stomping Swing, Balkan-style and folk and more.

  • This Maag


    This Maag is a handpicked show and an interactive spectacle – Alpine madness with EU-certified Swiss humor. A man in leather pants on a ladder back into downtown Hildesheim.

  • Tirasaru


    The two funny Tirasaru Fire-Sisters edelweiss and gentian present their exceptional and award-winning fire show. The mission is: “Culture exchange!” It is ingenious entertainment mixed of fire art, a large dose of humor, shrill clowning, music, dance and feminine charm.

  • Vol´e temps


    A man is running alone through the corridors of a place that was once dominated by wondrous and vivid figures. Everything which has remained are the dreams and memories … or is it real? The trio tells a bold story, combining theater, circus acrobatics and dance.

  • Zirkus Gonzo


    A “One Man Circus” with a lot of enthusiasm, humor and above all with a lot of stunningly artistry. Whether on the trapeze, on the handstand podium, the rope or silks – everything happened with astonishing ease. A tour through the air arts of circus.

  • Zirkus Morsa


    The two artists take the audience with board and roll on a journey through fluctuating chaos. An amazing and refreshing undertaking. Poetry meets circus arts.

  • El Laberint


    The artist group Itinerania Companyia comes with ” El Laberint ” from Spain to Hildesheim . It is a huge transparent labyrinth with many paths and doors that open only when the tasks are solved with . Alone or together, adults and children can use the tricky challenges.. Fascinating and beautiful – like a giant work of art.

  • El Cruce


    Punto y Coma do not exist . Who sees them is a privileged person . In this poetic world things are not what they seem. El Cruce present with Punto y Coma a contemporary piece Circus Physical Theatre comedy . Absurd and worth seeing!

  • Bandart


    Dancing Graffiti is a interdisciplinary street theater. The show combines modern dance with digital graffiti art and tells a story about the struggle against the own limits in beautiful and surprising images .


  • Trio Toast Hawaii


    Whether West, East or EastSouthWest, the trio plays the audience through global styles and directions – Quirky stories of classic marriage candidates and crafty merchants. Tango, amusing songs, Russian Gipsy-Swing, a hot samba or paso doble let everyone dance!

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