Previous Years

  • Bikes & Rabbits


    Three “madmen” on a tower of ladders and books challenge the balance: everything cracks, wobbles and distorts itself – a constant tension of the imbalance. In this show the books are not read: they fall down, serve as hiding places or benefit the weight compensation. It should not work, but it does!

  • 15ft6


    Innovation meets circus at the highest level. 15ft6 put your minds to the test. The game with wobbly masts, tennis ball machines and bicycles on wheels, with juggling and acrobatics, is not just fun: the Belgian ensemble creates significant circus with content.



  • Solo Juntos


    A street festival. A dance floor. Colombian Cumbia music plays in the background. Suddenly someone whirls through the air. With expressive contemporary dance and risky acrobatics, Solo Juntos creates a dynamic body language and a distinctive mood. The street festival is called “Pflasterzauber” and the dance floor is the city.

  • elabö


    Two rather weird chess figures move over the playing field – sometimes acrobatically, sometimes dancing. They jump and climb, balance and manipulate, stand on the hands, over and under each other, back and forth. “Schachmatt” tells the chess game of a lonely man who experiences how the limits of reality shift and chess figures come to life.

  • Rope Theatre


    A boxer dreams of the big boxing match. However, there are some hurdles to overcome beforehand. Ropes need to be climbed and the balance to be found. This is how Thamar Hampe, sometimes prancing, sometimes groaning, moves towards her final fight. A slack rope-act, full of flights and jumps, full of dance and grace, delicate humor and acrobatic virtuosity.

  • Clap Clap Circo

    Argentina / Uruguay

    A crazy couple and a magical elixir – one explosive mixture. Absurd comedy meets traditional circus in a dynamic show: One distinctive and enchanting freakshow. From blazing fire, popping lashes to false magic, there are no limits to this adventure.

  • Slagman Producties


    Two fools jump with a rapid change of roles from one whimsical situation into the next and tell a magically-spun story. Various episodes present life with all its faults as an eternal coming and going. This designs a completely blithe image of the momentariness of being. All you need is a wooden travel-crate.

  • Tobias Messerschmidt


    The Marimbaphone – an impressive wooden instrument with fascinating sound. From the metal drummer he made the leap to the melancholic virtuosic classic. Today Tobias Messerschmidt convinces with special pieces for the Marimbaphone as well as Johann Sebastian Bach, also on the street.

  • SBO Hildesheim – 10 Years


    Special guests are invited for a joint anniversary: instrumentalists of all ages will be combined with street music and art. The symphonic wind orchestra of the Musikschule Hildesheim meets with its music a musician cyclist, the beatboxer Edgar Wendt and a large group of drummers and percussionists from other music cultures.

  • The cabaret of good wishes


    The interactive 1-to-1 hawker’s tray theater provides the stage for small poetry and conjectures about dreams and realities. And, of course, for the gamble with unfulfilled wishes. The cabaret of good wishes will find you when you need it …

  • Globus Hystericus


    Two experienced adventurers and a total idiot are searching the lost treasure of Tadam. A wild spectacle is created with only three objects: from airplanes, which are crashing from mountains, rafts, which are falling down on waterfalls to exploding volcanoes.

  • Fabuloka


    Jorga is an acrobat and loves writing. Ed is a musician and creates things from metal. If the two of them combine their strengths, “Staal” (a German “steel”) is created: a poetic show about two completely different characters who have a dream. Acrobatics, juggling and mimicry on a 5 meter high steel construction.

  • Ramon Rose Trio


    The acoustic trio plays Gypsy Swing and Latin with French flair. Ramon is a virtuosic guitarist in the gipsy tradition of a Django Reinhardt, who also shows rock, latin & blues influences in his playing style. Rhumba classical musicians as well as songs of Stevie Wonder and Carlos Santana are re-inspired.


  • Fatras


    G.A.S.T.O.N. – the history of a journey with music in the luggage. Nine musicians create a crazy adventure. Wild swing and rock n ‘roll meets melodic waltz and rhythmic cumbia. “At a time when civilization is lacking in fantasy, we want to help with musical poetry,” the band writes.

  • Barada Street


    An intimate one-man show consisting of pantomime and comedy: an English “hornochse” improvises with no more than a few noises. It creates an unpredictable game with the audience. Be curious what will happen!

  • Matthias Romir


    A grotesque-looking man in a black Renaissance-costume on roller skates, with a hodge-podge of curious ideas, tells a hysterical and touching story about the art of failure. Expressive juggling meets depressive clowning and naive masquerade.

  • Grant Goldie

    Northern Ireland

    A man and his suitcase – Grant Goldie is THE man who challenges the gravity and shows what the possibilties of juggling. Without words and with great skill, he creates a unique event of interaction, absurdity and fascinating manipulation.

  • Murmuyo


    Playful and provocative,this is how the clown with the black nose and red suit reflects the everyday life and different qualities of people, who cross his way. You can expect improvisation and satire in this show. The audience and many vehicle will not get away scot-free.

  • Los Chatos


    With their show “Versus”, Los Chatos lead their audience into a wonderland in which theater, comedy, acrobatics and fire juggling blend perfectly. Those who were present at the first pavement spell may still remember the bizarre show with the fly man.

  • Ariane & Roxana


    Lying, standing or sitting – this ist how the artist collaboration of Ariane Oechsner and Roxana Küwen works. The “play nice” project focuses on foot juggling and movement. The balls fly around, are thrown and caught with their feet, while two bodies are intertwined.

  • EyePoi Performance


    A combination of music, light and movement. The EyePoi Performance offers a game of form, color and rhythm. A modern juggling device creates magical images in the air. A reinterpretation of the classical fire show in bright colors.

  • Brigata Totem


    A crazy vagrant climbs a wobbly mast. Perfect balance and daring acrobatics at 6 meters high create an exciting picture. On the ground, Paolo Locci continues his talent with play and comedy as well.

  • Mariposa Arts


    The new collective Mariposa Arts from Hildesheim plays with everything that is hot: They create hypnotic images through fire pois and fire lions. Juggling and dancing is melting with fire to modern indie rock and deep house melodies.

  • El Laberint


    The artist group Itinerania Companyia comes with ” El Laberint ” from Spain to Hildesheim . It is a huge transparent labyrinth with many paths and doors that open only when the tasks are solved with . Alone or together, adults and children can use the tricky challenges.. Fascinating and beautiful – like a giant work of art.

  • Hi-Town Soul


    At the “Kneipenzauber” Hi-Town Soul brings the vinyl to rotate and fraternizes everything that grooves. Analogue vibes turn out to be timeless, fresh sounds, with one thing in common: the organic groove. Hildesheim becomes Hi-Town and not only gets soul, but also a bunch of Funk, Latin, Jazz, Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Bogaloo. Laid-back funkyness, that is shaking but also cozy swinging. Hi-Town got Soul!

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